Part II – Install WebLogic 10.3.3 : #OracleIdM 11g : Step by Step Installation of OAM, OIM, OAAM, OAPM, OIN (

This is part II of Step by Step Installation of Oracle Identity Management 11g R1 PS2 ( for OIM, OAM, OAAM, OAPM & OIN . Part I of this series covers software location and steps to load schema in database.

After loading OIM/OAM/OAAM/OAPM schemas in database using RCU , next task is to install WebLogic Server version 10.3.3 (10.3.3 WebLogic is minimum release you must install for Oracle IdM 11g R1 PS2)

  • Ensure that WebLogic Server is atleast 10.3.3 (If you already have 10.3.2 WebLogic then you could upgrade it to 10.3.3 and use for IdM 11g R1 PS2)
  • Make sure that you download WebLogic Installer with Coherence (OAM makes heavy use of Coherence for user session data – In OAM 11g user sessions are state-ful with option to store user session in memory-cache or database. More on user session data in OAM11g coming soon …).
  • If you are installing WebLogic/IdM on 64 bit Machine and wish to use 64 bit JDK/JVM then first install 64 bit JDK and then user WebLogic jar file to install WebLogic using “64bitJDK/bin/java -d64 -jar weblogic_1033_software.jar“  .
  • Directory in which you are going to install WebLogic (in my case /oracle/apps/idm11g/MWHOME) is called as MW_HOME (Middleware Home). For more information on MW_HOME, ORACLE_HOME, DOMAIN_HOME or INSTANCE_HOME
  • Under MW_HOME you will see two directories wlserver_10.3 & coherence_3.5 known as WL_HOME & COHERENCE_HOME resp.

Screen shot of WebLogic Server installation below

.[oim@OracleXperts weblogic]$ls


[oim@OracleXperts weblogic]$ chmod 755 wls1033_linux32.bin

[oim@OracleXperts weblogic]$ ./wls1033_linux32.bin