ADOP (R12.2 Online Patching)

Online patching is the most important new feature in Oracle EBS 12.2. It is the ability to patch a running system without having to take the system down for a significant period of time while the patches are applied. Even you can apply Maintenance Pack 12.2.2 or 12.2.3 or 12.2.4 once you install or upgrade to R12.2.0 base.

  • It will enable R12.2 PATCH Environment.
  • Dependancy on opatches. All Opatches must be applied before enabling ADOP.
  • Missing Opatches will be reported by EBS DB CodeLevel Checker script.
  • All AD_ZD packages should be valid before enabling them


  • To implement Online Patching Run reports/scripts mentioned in Using the Online Patching Readiness Report in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12.2 [1531121.1]
  • Once you enable ADOP i.e. Online Patching you cannot apply any patches through ADPATCH.
  • If you still want to apply any patch via adpatch, source ENABLE_ADPATCH=yes. (if oracle recommends)
  • All patches applied using adop utility will be applied to PATCH environment i.e. fs2.
  • When you want to make the patches live you can execute adop using cutover phase. It will switch filesystems.
  • To synchronize both filesystems i.e. fs1 and fs2 you can execute adop using fs_clone phase.


  1. adop phase=prepare -> copies the application code
  2. adop phase=apply -> apply patches to PATCH Environment
  3. adop phase=finalize -> makes ready the system for cutover
  4. adop phase=cutover -> bounce the system and does filesystem switchover. fs2 becomes RUN environment.
  5. adop phase=cleanup -> remove obsolete objects.
  6. adop phase=fs_clone -> synchronize filesystems

ADOP Phases